Concrete Countertops in Oxford, MS



Trusted Durability

Concrete countertops are a very durable option. Your typical concrete is anywhere from 2500-4500 psi, but the concrete that we use is roughly 10,500 psi. By using a chemical process vs a water curing process, the drying time is reduced to much less than 24 hours. Our Surecrete concrete countertops will last for years to come!

The Variety You Need

We carry a vast selection of stains and solid colors to pick from. We can make it smooth or even textured!. For additional texture, we can even add recycled glass! If you would like to add imagery or texture, we can stamp the concrete to look like weathered wood, granite, or travertine. We will form the product and polish it at our shop before installing.
These countertops serve as a great alternative for your outdoor kitchen countertops. Visit us or call us today to find out more!