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  • I've noticed pits and cracks in the granite, what causes this?"
    These separations are known as "Fissures". They are separations in the stone that occur naturally. This is seen in all granite to a degree, so it is seen in different degrees, depending on the specific stone that you are viewing. Luckily, this is not a flaw but a naturally occurring trait. We will not replace countertops due to fissures. As far as the pitting goes, it is a common characteristic of natural stone. Since Granite is composed of many different minerals with different degrees of hardness, pits will occur. The pitting does not cause the granite to be less durable, so it does not qualify a slab for replacement.
  • If I have bends or bowing areas in my kitchen wall, will the granite follow and conform to this?"
    Due to the rigid nature of granite, it cannot bend to follow the irregular areas on your wall. Since no wall is completely straight, there will be small gaps visible between the slab and the wall. It is not possible to scribe the countertop in attempt to follow these lines. Countertops will not be replaced due to these small gaps.
  • Is it possible to increase the overhang of my island's granite countertop?
    Overhang without support cannot exceed one third of the supported main slab. However, supports, like brackets or corbels, can be installed to provide additional support.
  • How soon can I have my granite installed for an upcoming event?
    It is best to provide several weeks of cushion time if you are planning an event in your home. Many delays can occur, such as construction delays, damage in transportation, onsite damage, and more. If a slab does break during fabrication and installation, Southern Stone Group will remake the top and prioritize a new installation as quickly as possible. However, no financial compensation due to delays will be provided.
  • Do I need to remove my current countertop before measuring and templating?
    This will not be necessary. At Southern Stone Group, LLC, we recognize that you need a normal functioning kitchen for as long as possible. However, it is important to note that if something becomes visible following the removal of your existing countertop, then a piece might have to be reworked. Southern Stone Group will not charge you for this.
  • Am I able to have my current countertops removed by Southern Stone Group, LLC?"
    Yes. Southern Stone Group will offer this service for an extra charge, with the rate depending on the specs of the countertop.
  • Is the structure of my cabinets strong enough to handle the weight of the granite?
    Believe it or not, most cabinets can handle the weight of granite countertops with ease. However, it is usually not possible to assess cabinet strength or issues prior to cabinet removal. If larger problems are found after removal of the existing countertops, the installation may be delayed. It is the homeowner's responsibility to have the cabinets repaired to industry standards. The countertops are secured to the cabinets with silicone.
  • My neighbors granite has very small chips along the seam, is this common?"
    Chipping usually occurs in these igneous stone types. This is a direct result of the sawing operations. We use a device called a "Seam Phantom" to polish back the cut line, which removes the majority of small chips. Any chips leftover can be filled with epoxy.
  • Will my marble or granite sample match the marble or granite that is actually purchased?
    The color you pick out will look very similar to the sample you are given. However, all natural stone is different, so a slight variation in color can be expected.
  • I have seen a few seams that were not completely smooth. What causes this?
    This is due to what we like to call "lippage", which is the offset of the finished surfaces on two separate stone pieces. Luckily, there should be no noticeable lippage on the front or towards the back edges of the countertop.
  • Will you disconnect or re-connect my plumbing?
    We do not want to risk any flooding in the house, so we do not handle this part of the process.
  • What do I need to know beforehand?
    Final price will be based on field measurements and conditions. Make sure to have undermount sinks, faucets, and cook tops onsite for the measuring. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the sink, cook top, down draft, and faucet fit into the cabinets. If there is anything in your existing cabinet that will interfere with measuring, it needs to be cleared prior to the appointment. Prior to templating, cabinets need to be fully installed (this includes finished panels). Also, make sure to have farm or apron sinks mounted in their final location before templating. Gaps behind tops and splashes are due to irregularities in the wall. Outlets need to be moved up or down to miss or fall within splash prior to installation. We will provide a dishwasher bar for connection, but we do not hook it up. Prepare for a lot of dust/debris during construction. If your mirror is permanently fixed to your wall within 1" of existing backsplash or countertop it needs to be removed prior to the tear out. Any damage that occurs to the mirror that is not removed will be the homeowner's responsibility. Installers will not install, adjust, or move appliances. If the job required a full-height backsplash, upper cabinets must be installed. Feel free to call us anytime with additional questions!
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